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We partner with executives, operators and leaders to help them maximize their company’s potential. The Kintsugi Capital approach focuses on harnessing the potential of talented executives – recasting them as great entrepreneurs.


What makes us different

Kintsugi Capital Partners (KCP) is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs who have embraced the concept of Kintsugi (金継ぎ) literally meaning “to join with gold.” It is an ancient Japanese technique to repair pottery using precious metals. The concept behind this technique is based on the notion that by accepting flaws and imperfections, you can produce a more striking and exquisite work of art. It philosophically speaks to breakage and repair becoming a part of the unique history of the object rather than something to disguise.

Our success stems from our ability to enable high-performing teams to flourish. Our track record of achievements, as well as our lessons learned, have given us insight into how organizations can elevate their performance through a change in ownership incentives. At KCP, we are dedicated to collaborating with management teams or individuals who recognize and are eager to unlock the unexplored potential of their business.

Our core focus is identifying opportunities for carve-outs (corporate divestitures), management buyouts, or owner / operators looking for a partner to help them expand their business.


Founded by founders

Every investor on our team has deep experience forming and running their own successful businesses. We use only our personal capital, so we have a “Founders Mentality” and the exact same incentive as you. We do all the thinking up front and then we go all in, aiming for a 100% success rate.


Cross-industry expertise

Comprised of battle-tested professionals with years of consulting, investment banking, and operating experience, our team has worked across a wide range of industries including technology, manufacturing, logistics, retail and consumer products. We leverage this diverse team and network to provide a global perspective and guidance


Investing in and at speed

We’re a small, highly agile investment group. We have the systems and processes in place to analyze new opportunities quickly, unlock both equity and debt, source talent, and help you develop your business at a pace most investment firms cannot compete.


A high-touch approach

We do not believe in portfolios and only work with a maximum 2-3 active investments at a time. This ensures our operators receive intimate exposure to Kintsugi's seasoned executives - not solely reserved for board meetings and retreats.

Expertise to move you forward

Founded by a group of investors with over 25 years of experience building companies together, Kintsugi is an investment firm with a unique focus: scaling up small/medium sized businesses, corporate divestitures and management buyouts.

We work with managers and executives who have a great track record in their division and know they have the potential to do so much more.

Investing in ambition 
Investing in ambition

Our team

Each of our experienced team members will provide support and guidance throughout the partnership with you and your business.

Socka Suppiah
Managing Partner
Arvind Kapur
Iqbal Sait
April Diehl
Edward L. Mitzel

Intentionally lean, fast, and with you every step of the way

Finding decisive moments

Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the term “The Decisive Moment” to describe a seasoned photographer’s ability to anticipate the future, finding the precise split-second to take the shot. While many firms rely on a company’s size or industry, our strategy depends more on identifying the decisive moment in its journey.

Here are some of the investment situations we’re most interested in:

Motivated to modernize

Companies that have a strong vision for how they can use technology to streamline their operations, enhance their products or services, and create new opportunities for growth. Technology is Kintsugi core competency, we can provide the expertise and resources to enable the company's IT roadmap.

Resource constrained

Businesses that are dedicated to achieving growth despite their constraints and may require additional resources or expertise to reach their goals and optimize their business strategy. Kintsugi has a track record of leveraging its network of functional experts (finance, IT, marketing, operations) and capital to enable growth.

Corporate divestitures

Companies with divisions or subsidiaries that no longer fit within the strategic direction of the company may consider divesting assets to realign their focus. Corporate divestitures can help the division operate independently and succeed with a more focused strategy. Our strengths are agility and speed to close: prior owners will receive liquidity quickly and assurance we can operate the business as a stand alone soon after the transaction.

Management buyouts

Ambitious division leaders and operators who are motivated to take the company or division to the next level but lack the support or investment from the current ownership. Kinstugi prefers to work with management who are knowledgeable and passionate about their business.  Our goal is to partner with you to appropriately reward your hard work and company vision.

Indicators for investment

Our primary focus is on finding the right moment in which to invest; it’s where we bring the most value. That said, our most successful investments have been in companies with similar characteristics.


Logistics, manufacturing, retail & restaurants, food & beverage, healthcare, e-commerce, and consumer products


Logistics, manufacturing, retail & restaurants, food & beverage, healthcare, e-commerce, and consumer products

Company size


Company maturity

3+ Operating Years


Logistics, manufacturing, retail & restaurants, food & beverage, healthcare, e-commerce, and consumer products

Company location

United States

Investment type

Majority Control


From young startup to the go-to experts in international shipping

By developing enhanced technology solutions to leverage ePost Global's deep industry expertise and worldwide carrier network, our team helped to transform ePost Global into one of the largest privately held direct-to-consumer international shipping providers in the world.

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